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Why You Should Consider Brewing Your Coffee


The first thing to understand about steeping coffee is that while the process may resemble making instant coffee, and as reliable as steeping coffee can deliver a single cup on demand, that’s where the similarities end, period. Instant coffee includes coffee already brewed from ground coffee beans. He was then dehydrated, according to Presto Coffee. To brew coffee, you use real coffee grounds, just like you would with any other non-instant coffee brewing method. As a result, while instant coffee is ready instantly, brewing coffee with a teabag-shaped pouch takes around five minutes per Spy.

Assuming you can wait those extra five minutes, you’ll be rewarded. As with tea, you control the strength of your coffee. And if you’re making coffee for others, all it takes is a little hot water, and then everyone can brew their coffee bag for as long as they want, depending on what strength they prefer for their coffee. It’s as simple as making tea, except it’s not tea. Apart from the Steeped Coffee brand, the current players in the market are Presto, Bean & Bean, Union Coffee Co. and Café Unido. Perhaps surprisingly, even good old Folgers has jumped on the brewed coffee bandwagon.