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‘Waiter service may become a thing of the past’ – cafe owner says staff abuse


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The owner of a popular cafe whose staff have been abused by customers says some people have a sense of entitlement beyond belief.

Sage & Stone owner Ciara Burke, who had to ban some customers after upsetting her staff, was speaking following comedian James Cordon’s apology for his behavior at an American restaurant.

She thinks table service could be a thing of the past if customers continue to mistreat restaurant staff.

‘I have the sweetest staff here of all ages and one of them told me last week that she didn’t know how many more she could accept customers,’ she said. declared from its premises outside Duleek, Co. Meath.

“I have teenagers who work here who are subjected to the most horrible verbal abuse from some customers who want their food yesterday or who won’t make excuses for a simple mistake if it happens. Only a few are abusive , but that’s enough to upset Personal.

“Staff get whipped by people for what’s on the menu or what’s not on the menu. If they wait more than ten minutes for their food, floor staff have to bear the brunt of their tongues.

“No one deserves this. They do a thankless job and it’s no wonder the hospitality industry has such a hard time finding staff. I’m sure abuse is a factor.

“We are a busy 80-seat restaurant with table service. We cook our food to order. We are not a fast food restaurant, but some expect us to be.

“Some people now have a sense of entitlement beyond belief. They want everything and think they should get it immediately. Table service can become a thing of the past in cafes and restaurants like ours due to ridiculous demands from people.

“Over the past few years, I’ve had to ban a few – very few people from coming back.

“Fortunately most of our customers are the sweetest people which almost make up for the very few rude customers who have an air of superiority about them. Restaurants and cafes like us have struggled during Covid and we are still struggling. struggling to pay rising energy bills and absorb costs as much as we can.

“We strive to provide good service and one with a smile, so I urge customers to think about what staff go through when they go out to eat something. For my part, I will not put up with my staff being mistreated and will be the first to act accordingly.”

Ciara recently made headlines for banning people in pajamas from entering her cafe

“I’ve had a few trolls, but most people have been hugely supportive. You have to stand up for what you believe in and I don’t think pajamas in a cafe are appropriate attire.”