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These are the most expensive and exquisite cafes in New York


Finding a handcrafted cup of coffee in New York might not be difficult, but it can most certainly be expensive.

New Yorkers are completely addicted to coffee. This metropolis is fueled by black gold. Every New Yorker has a go-to destination for their daily caffeine intake, shopping carts and small cafes and major New York coffee brands. Coffee is more than just a source of caffeine. With roasts from Africa, Central and South America, the United States and beyond, there’s practically a world of flavor to discover. Maybe you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee on your daily walk, or maybe coffee is your motivation to get out of the house, get some fresh air or work in a different setting.

Here are the 8 most expensive and exquisite coffees in New York, whether you’re looking for a local roaster or a particularly elaborate blend, espresso, lattes or even coffee cocktails.

8 Devotion

The goal of Devocion is to give the best possible coffee by minimizing the gap between roasting and infusion. Even before being shipped to Brooklyn, the beans pass through a dry mill in Bogota after being grown in more than a thousand fields in Colombia. They are roasted and brewed locally, and Devoción offers bulk coffee to New York residents through their cafes. Additionally, you can purchase their roasted combinations in a multitude of grinds on their website.

seven O Cafe

This West Village cafe is renowned for its blend of Scandinavian and Latino hospitality. Serving Brazilian classics such as Po de Quiejo and local specialties such as arepas, the strong coffee is always served with delicious treats. From espresso to pour, O Café offers natural Brazilian coffee that will put a smile on your face. O Café is also open for delivery and take-out, and it also sells bottled coffee, sauces and snacks. The sandwich platter and the cooked yam and egg spread are also available.

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6 Integral coffee

The owner of Café Integral’s Nolita headquarters, César Vega, selects the monthly coffee products. In addition to the Nicaraguan grind and latte, the cafe offers flowery and chocolaty coffee blends. In response to COVID-19 regulations, Café Integral now offers a subscription service through which their coffee combinations can be delivered directly to your door weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

5 Abraco

In a charming neighborhood located on East 7th St., Abraço has been bringing South American coffee to the East Village for over a decade. The owners of the cafe named after the Portuguese term for kissing, Liz Quijada and Jamie McCormick, have maintained a fairly cohesive cuisine. They only offer organic whole milk as well as half and half milk, and only condensed cane sugar as a sweetener. Their exquisite desserts vary daily, but their famous olive oil cake and seasoned olive cookies are classics at Abraço.

4 Little Collins

In a landscape of both Starbucks and Le Pain Quotidiens, the Little Collins shops in central New York offer a cozy atmosphere. The Australian coffee company serves coffees made with beans from renowned North Carolina roaster Counter Culture. Little Collins stores also offer avocado smashes, schnitzel sandwiches, and the restaurant’s signature “Green Eggs N’ Damn!”

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3 Espresso for all

Everyman Espresso sells specialty coffee. From standard espresso drinks to pours, each of their coffees is roasted in North Carolina by Black & White Coffee. Grab one of their famous coffee cocktails, like panacea, or an old-fashioned espresso, if you’re feeling daring and excited. With a few tables outside the modest cafe in New Yorkthe drinks will undoubtedly put you at ease.

2 Sey Cafe

In 2019, Sey Coffee (“yes spelled backwards”) was crowned “America’s Best Coffee”. On Sey’s website, which features combinations from Burundi, Ecuador and Colombia, you can learn more about your coffee, from growing to brewing. During the pandemic, their subscription program had skyrocketed, delivering the boutique’s signature sustainable blends to your doorstep. In homage to Tobin Polk and Lance Schnorenberg’s early days on the 4th floor of a Bushwick building, the coffee roasting facilities are located in the back.

1 Coffee Project

Coffee Project is as much about freshly roasted coffee because it’s about the coffee itself, with deconstructed espresso, specialty pours and more. Prepare for extraordinary latte art and gluten-free pastries prepared by award-winning owners and baristas. The Coffee Project grind comes from small businesses and fields that pay their employees a living wage, and they frequently partner with local bakeries to supply cakes and other baked goods.

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