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The Warehouse Food Hall welcomes the newest addition to its small business lineup

The newly opened food bar at Craig’s Warehouse Food Hall.
Amber Delay/Craig Press

The Warehouse Food Hall lives up to its mission to bring local vendors together to provide an eclectic offering of food and beverage vendors.

The concept behind the Food Hall at 1589 W. Victory Way in Craig is to provide an affordable space for small food vendors to launch their business and bring together a variety of offerings under one roof.

Most of the restaurants inside the warehouse are independent vendors, who bring their own concepts and create their own menus. The warehouse also has its own signature venues in the food hall – the Warehouse Coffee Co., Warehouse Bar and Food Bar.

After a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Craig’s Chamber of Commerce, the Food Bar had its soft-opening this week. The new spot starts with a limited menu, serving up a build-your-own-bowl concept.

Customers can choose between rice or greens for a base, then select their protein and toppings. There are also a few signature bowls to choose from, like the Ohana Bowl with Tuna Poke. Staff said the Food Bar will expand its menu to include more sauces, toppings and protein for bowls once it launches its full menu.

The warehouse bar has been moved from its original position inside the warehouse to make way for the new food bar. Warehouse staff said the move was intended to add more distinction to the car seat atmosphere.

The Warehouse Bar inside the Warehouse Food Hall at 1589 W. Victory Way in Craig.
Amber Delay/Craig Press

The north side of the venue has the range of food vendors – Aroi Thai, Colorado Beyond Baked Subs, HR Foods – and the new Food Bar which makes up the food court side.

Now that the Warehouse Bar occupies the south side of the building, it opens up a more distinguished cocktail area at the far end of the lobby. The bar having its own corner of the room opens up possibilities for the warehouse and its independent suppliers to organize evening events, while the food court can still accommodate diners.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Entrepôt invites customers to come in and enjoy the space while trying the different flavors. The cafe serves drip coffee and specialty drinks every morning from 7 a.m. until warehouse closing, with a drive-thru option for customers who want coffee on the go.

HR Foods, which has expanded its menu and hours since launching in Craig’s Warehouse Food Hall.
Amber Delay/Craig Press

HR Foods, owned and operated by Hank Roberston, has followed the planned trajectory with the Warehouse startup space. Since Robertson opened its store in May, HR Foods has added new menu items and expanded its hours of operation.

HR Foods, Aroi Thai, and Colorado Beyond Subs are all examples of how the warehouse was designed to provide space for startup vendors to develop and expand their menus.

Warehouse staff said retail space will become available around the first of the year. More information, as well as menus and opening hours for each food vendor, can be found at Warehousefoodhall.com.