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The Morning Machine Review | Trusted reviews



Hot, dark and wet coffee drinkers need not apply: this is a machine for enthusiasts who will benefit from the ability to toggle the settings for the perfect brew.


  • App control
  • Can customize recipes
  • Compact

The inconvenients

  • Only makes coffee
  • Expensive
  • Unable to turn off the chimes

  • Pod machineWorks with Nespresso pods

  • App controlled Get more control over your brew with the smartphone app

  • Customizable brewing methodsDifferent infusion modes to adjust the result to your taste


For coffee connoisseurs, it’s all about flavor: you only have to look for a pour-over brew to get lost in a world of pre-wetting and blooming to realize it.

Marrying some of those messy, time-consuming craft techniques with the convenience of a pod coffee machineThe Morning Machine aims to deliver flavor without the fuss.

The 10 “ready to brew” recipes range from Bloom & Brew to a Mini Filter Brew that produces a smooth cup of coffee. However, it’s not quite as suitable for those who enjoy a longer coffee: the maximum it will do without one of the standard recipes is 120g, or a custom brew is up to 150g, which means you will need to fill your cup with hot water. Nespresso pod compatibility means there is a wide range of coffees to choose from, official and otherwise.

The disassembled Morning Machine coffee maker
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Design and features

  • Dial and OLED screen control
  • Manual or app operation
  • Cup Deck Lighting

Plenty sets The Morning Machine apart from the rest pod coffee machines from a design point of view.

First notable feature, manual controls: consisting of an OLED touch screen flanked by two icons: one to return to the previous screen and the other to select options. This is complemented by a rotating dial around the screen to scroll through menus. It takes a bit of getting used to, especially when setting up WiFi for the app, or remembering which buttons to hold down to dispense hot water, purge the machine, or access the settings menu. settings. This part of the machine also houses a light that shines on the cup platform when in operation: a thoughtful touch to watch the crema form.

The cup platform itself sits on a built-in scale, which is how The Morning Machine can measure its doses to the perfect gram. This needs to be calibrated for the best results, and recalibrated from time to time: rather annoyingly, you’ll need a 100g weight for this, which isn’t included.

The rest of the machine is sleek and compact, with a small square 850ml water tank on the back, a lever on the top, which lifts up to insert a pod, and a used pod container concealed on the inside. interior. You can either insert a pod, scroll through the menu manually and press start, or select your coffee in the app, with the ability to control the weight from 20-150g and the temperature from 75°C to 98°C.

The Morning Machine coffee maker display
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  • Excellent coffee brew
  • Can save favorite combinations
  • Easily adjustable settings

One of the most appealing aspects of The Morning Machine is that you can easily experiment with different flavors by changing the brewing process while using the same variety of pods.

The espresso pods I used to test (the Supercharger Espresso from Cafepod) promised a full-bodied taste with hints of roasted chestnuts and spiciness. I brewed this pod a few different ways: starting with the Short Dark Roast setting. This produced a strong tasting, slightly syrupy espresso with a thick crema on top. Some of the nutty notes were present, but the dark roast made the overall flavor overwhelming for someone more used to drinking coffee longer.

I found the Kyoto-style Drip setting more to my liking: it produced an aromatic coffee with subtle nutty notes that let the spiciness shine through, with consistent crema every time. The Classic setting produced a similar effect: a good choice if you’re unsure how to get the most out of the pods you’re using.

The Morning Machine filling a cup
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I only encountered a few frustrations while using The Morning Machine. The first is that saving your favorite settings means another recipe has to be lost from the machine as it can only hold 10.

The other is that the machine’s cup recognition isn’t always reliable, so sometimes you have to manually tell it to brew even though you’re controlling it through the app. Also, while there’s an eco mode, it’s set to 10 minutes, so you’ll need to adjust it to its minimum of 2 minutes if you want to save power. Machine-made chimes also seem to lack the ability to disable them.

Coffee prepared in the Morning Machine coffee maker
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Should I buy it?

If you like the idea of ​​making artisanal coffee at home, but you don’t have the time or inclination to learn all the specialized skills that come with making this pod machine is for you.

If you enjoy a great cup of coffee but can’t really tell the difference between subtle flavors, this pod maker might be overkill for you.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s more expensive than your average Nespresso pod-compatible coffee machine, The Morning Machine brings a lot to the table that cheaper models don’t.

In this aspect, it’s a great way to expand your coffee experiences without buying lots of kits or scouring blogs for tips and tricks.

While it’s a shame there’s no capacity to heat and froth milk, it’s understandable: milk can muffle the delicate flavors this machine seeks to bring out. Currently, there is a lack of comparable capsule machines that incorporate so many different brewing techniques, but if the price is above your budget, a good option would instead be the Nespresso CitiZ. Alternatively, the Nespresso workshop is a similar price and includes milk froth.

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Which pods is the Morning Capsule coffee machine compatible with?

It will work with original and compatible Nespresso pods.

Can you use ground coffee in this machine?

No, it only uses pods.


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