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The coffee guru is Scotland’s first sustainable food hero


A NORTH Berwick coffee guru has been heralded as Scotland’s first sustainable food hero.

Catherine Franks (pictured) – who started Steampunk Coffee Roasters & Café, now based on Kirk Ports, in 2012 – saw her company win the top food hero award.

His commitment to positive change and sharing his vision for a more sustainable business model earned him the “#FoodHeroScot” campaign award.

She receives an assistance package, including marketing and public relations, worth over £ 25,000.

Launched in June by media agency Medialiciously and its partners, #FoodHeroScot’s mission is to put sustainability at the heart of Scotland’s food and drink industry after the pandemic.

The non-profit campaign is supported by STV’s £ 1million Green Fund, which supports the efforts of sustainable Scottish small and medium-sized businesses.

Catherine said: “This is such a fantastic campaign and getting this recognition is extremely appreciated. It just shows that everyone can make a difference. Our philosophy underpins everything we do – it’s never an add-on.

Steampunk never serves bottled water and promotes reusable cups. Deliveries are delivered in compostable or recyclable packaging, with all food and disposable waste collected for composting.

Catherine added: “Over the past year, many people have had more time to think about the world we live in and how we want to change it when the lockdown comes out. I think that crystallized the priorities for a lot of people.

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