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The Best Things We Ate This Week: Warm Weather Edition


Every week, I ask my co-workers the best thing they’ve eaten recently. I love hearing about the foods and drinks people are passionate about. This week I wanted to know how our food team coped with the relentless heat and, unsurprisingly, the answer was cold drinks and frozen concoctions. If you’re looking for ways to survive the rest of summer without melting, here are the best things we ate and drank to stay cool.

Cafe Duro Espresso Ice Cream

The espresso ice cream at Cafe Duro in Dallas is a refreshing treat, especially in the summer.(Sarah Blaskovich/staff)

It’s a grown-up person’s popsicle. And don’t we need more? Cafe Duro’s frozen espresso treat is bitter and satisfying, not a sweet thing that will leave you feeling guilty. The top is coated with cocoa nibs and chocolate crunch, which makes for crispy bites at first. Then there’s the espresso ice cream shake – great any time of the day, even for breakfast. (Because I did.) The popsicle has chocolate orbs hidden inside the creamy bottom layer.

If you haven’t been to this adorable cafe on Greenville Avenue, go. This is my new favorite lunch spot. Sarah Blaskovitchsenior food journalist

Café Duro is at 2804 Greenville Ave., Dallas. Espresso popsicles are $5. cafe-duro.com.

Affogato de Botolino Gelato Artigianale

Botolino's Affogato on Lower Greenville
Botolino’s Affogato on Lower Greenville(Tina Danze)

I’m a sucker for hot espresso drinks. But in this heat, I take my dose via a nice Italian dessert: the affogato, which means “drowned”. Traditionally, it’s made by pouring a shot of espresso over vanilla ice cream, effectively drowning the spoon. The espresso melts some of the ice, creating a coffee-flavored crema to scoop with bites of ice. Botolino’s version is more decadent than the original. A sweet coffee liqueur joins the espresso, and a sprinkle of “burnt” chocolate chunks provide a crunchy counterpoint. It is a divine dessert. Although you can take it out, I prefer to eat it at the store (yes, I’m sitting outside), where it’s served in a nice glass bowl with an ice cream scoop. You can start taking it by the spoonful, but there’s no shame in drinking those last few tablespoons. —Tina Danze, Contributing Writer

Botolino Gelato Artigianale has two locations in Dallas – one on Lower Greenville and one at Preston Road and Royal Lane. botolino.com.

Best things we ate this week: ‘Nduja clams, banh mi and enchiladas Suizas

Peticolas Brewing Golden Opportunity Kolsch

Peticolas Brewing's Golden Opportunity Kolsch chuggable is a crisp beer with a twist...
Peticolas Brewing’s Golden Opportunity Kolsch chuggable is a crisp beer with a hint of honeyed sweetness.(Kelly Dearmore)

In his 1945 novel Cannery Row, the great John Steinbeck noted “there’s nothing in the world like the first taste of beer.” I can only assume he felt that way after opening a cold can on a summer trip through Texas. If Steinbeck drove through Texas with his dog Charley in the summer of 2022 instead of 1960, as detailed in his classic travel diary Travel with Charley, he probably would have been thrilled to hear that Peticolas Brewing was finally selling its beers in four-pack cans in Dallas-Fort Worth. I guess, as I did a few days ago, he would have taken a pack of the brewer’s beloved Velvet Hammer imperial red ale, along with the Golden Opportunity Kolsch. The East of Eden The author would have loved the chunky Velvet Hammer to sip on in the evening, but had he stopped to set up camp mid-day, this is the golden opportunity he would have taken for refreshment.

Offering a relatively low ABV of 4.6%, this Kolsch infusion is so delicious. It’s a crisp boy with just a touch of honeyed sweetness during the clean, final aftertaste. It helped me beat the heat this weekend and I can’t help but think that Steinbeck would have let Charley have a little tweak to do the same. – Kelly Dearmore, Contributing Writer

Peticolas Brewing is located at 1301 Pace Street, Dallas, TX. peticolasbrewing.com.

Iced Gin & Tonic at Loro

Loro's Frozen Gin & Tonic is mixed with fresh lemonade, a tangy and refreshing touch to the...
Loro’s Frozen Gin & Tonic is mixed with fresh lemonade, a tangy and refreshing twist on the classic mixed drink.(Courtesy of Loro)

It’s too hot to do anything right now except sit in a pool or indoors with the air conditioning on full blast. But I’ve found that one of the quickest ways to cool off this summer is with an ice-cold cocktail. These are easy to find in bars around town, but my favorite of the bunch is the Frozen Gin & Tonic in Loro. This icy, tangy refreshment is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s been on the menu since the Aaron Franklin-Tyson Cole collaboration opened last year. Hai Hospitality beverage director Jason Kosmas describes it as a gin and tonic mixed with fresh lemonade, and said it reminded him of being a kid and opening a can of Minute Maid concentrate. “It’s both the most adult and the most nostalgic drink,” he says. The drink is pre-dosed and ready to use, reducing the wait time between the slush machine and your face. When it’s 103 degrees outside, every second counts. – Kevin Graycollaborating writer

Loro is at 1812 N. Haskell Avenue, Dallas. loroeats.com/dallas.

Hudson House Iced Bellini

Hudson House Iced Bellini's are the perfect blend of childhood nostalgia and...
Hudson House Iced Bellini’s are the perfect blend of childhood nostalgia and adulthood perks.(BreyAnn Sands)

Every Texan’s nightmare during the summer months is their air conditioning unit failing. Unfortunately for me last weekend, this nightmare became a very hot reality. After an hour of playing handyman and a switch later, my roommates and I were craving a well-deserved drink. The remedy: an ice-cold bellini from Hudson House. This peach drink is the perfect blend of childhood nostalgia and adulthood perks. It has a tart peach flavor with subtle hints of vodka in every sip, but beware, it packs a punch. Each drink contains a deceptive amount of vodka and is topped with a Grand Marnier float. After two of these frozen bellinis, all your problems will be solved. – BreyAnn Sands, Reporting Officer

Hudson House has four locations in Dallas and Irving. hudsonhousehp.com.

Bee Happy Latte from The Berni Bean Coffee Co.

The Berni Bean Coffee Co.'s Bee Happy Latte in downtown Dallas is made with honey and...
The Bee Happy Latte from The Berni Bean Coffee Co. in downtown Dallas is made with honey and has hints of pistachio.(Deah Berry Mitchell)

I was born and raised in Texas, so hot is subjective. But nothing has prepared me for the temperatures we have experienced over the past two weeks. To help ward off rising temperatures, I kept cool by treating myself to iced lattes from a quaint local cafe in downtown Dallas called The Berni Bean Coffee Co. It’s a woman-owned Costa Rican cafe which opened a little over a year ago. . The aesthetic is rainforest meets java coffee and they sell delicious pastries like biscotto, croissants and avocado toast. The drink that keeps me sane in this heat is the ice cold Bee Happy Latte. It is a strong drink with honey and pistachio notes. The coffee isn’t masked by overly sweet or creamy add-ins, which means you can still taste the exceptionally brewed coffee. – Deah Berry Mitchellcollaborating writer

The Berni Bean Coffee Co. is located at 400 St. Paul Street, Dallas, TX. thebernibean.com.

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