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Red Hook Bakery Café celebrates opening on Dennis Archer Greenway

What is happening: Red Hook Bakery Cafe is celebrating the opening of its third location with a big opening party this Friday August 27th. The cafe opened on the Dennis Archer Greenway on Friday August 20 and operates under a “soft opening” until the big day.

Where and when: The new Red Hook is located at 2761 E. Jefferson Ave. in Detroit, with its storefront facing the Dennis Archer Greenway. The grand opening celebration will take place on Friday, August 27 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will include freebies and more.

What it is: The red hook The cafe opened in downtown Ferndale a little over a decade ago, with a second location in Detroit’s West Village and the purchase of Pinwheel Bakery thereafter. Double Green lane of the red hook, the new location offers the same drinks and baked goods that customers love.

Location, location, location: Sandi Heaselgrave, owner and operator, says she originally planned to open two new locations, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced her to downsize to just one.

“We love the new location. We are quite close to the other stores but not too close. And we love the proximity to the green lane and the riverside. It seemed like a natural progression, ”says Heaselgrave.

“We have noticed in West Village that we have a lot of cyclists in the summer. This greenway has a nice cycle path and I thought it would lend itself to a lot of passers-by, a lot of foot traffic – and especially in the summer.

Take COVID seriously: Each Red Hook location limited its service to walk-in windows, closing the interiors of cafes until a later date. Heaselgrave says she still doesn’t know when domestic service will resume. Outdoor seating, and in particular at the new location along the Greenway, is available.

“It’s a good system with the walk-in windows. I think our customers appreciate that we take their safety and that of our employees very seriously, ”says Heaselgrave. “I think that’s a big reason they keep coming back, day after day.”

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