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Pennsylvania State Resolutions to Pass in the New Year



Happy New Year, Penn State. The start of 2022 is the perfect opportunity to start over and get rid of bad habits. Even when you’re in college, there are plenty of ways for Penn Staters to improve themselves and their lives. 2022 is your year to shine!

We’ve put in place ways for Penn State students to change their behaviors for the better this year. Now it’s up to you to make this year count.

Buy local coffee downtown instead of Starbucks

Sure, Starbucks and Dunkin are handy, but you’re better than that. Treat yourself in 2022 and at the same time support local businesses. Explore the downtown coffee scene this year and check out new stores like Vibe Coffee and Crust and Crumb on the way to class. You never know when your favorite coffee could close.

Unsubscribe from LISTSERVs by e-mail

If you’ve attended participation fairs while at Penn State, you’re probably still receiving emails from the Ski Club and Coffee Club. As you step into the New Year, clean up your inbox and follow the simple steps to get your name off those lists you never have really belonged to.

Walk to Frats instead of Uber from the East

~ Always remember that you are braver than you think, stronger than you look, smarter than you think and loved more than you think ~

Invest in a fracket and face the cold. The walk downtown may be long, but your wallet will thank you in 2022.

Attend class

It’s so simple, but it’s still the most difficult….

Give your alcohol stopper one day’s notice instead of 15 minutes before the function

To be ?? Better ??. Otherwise, you will be drinking water all day.

Using the canvas calendar

Did you know that you can also add your own events to the Canvas calendar and color code it? 2022 is your year to get back on track and never need to drop out of a class.

Condition yourself to wake up to your alarm so you * actually * get student football tickets

Everyone knows that a person has slept too long when buying student football tickets, and maybe you were that friend. If you slowly condition yourself to wake up with your alarm clock, you’ll never have to use the Onward State ticket exchange again this fall.

Take a Spin Bike to class instead of a CATA bus

Ah, the joy of traveling the campus by electric bicycle. In 2022, we won’t be counting on the Bloop to take us to class when we have access to fast bikes that will give us killer physique.

Schedule a meeting with your advisor

It might be your junior year and you have no idea who your educational advisor is. That’s okay, but there is someone out there who is assigned (and paid!) To help you succeed. To connect to Starfish and set up a meeting with them to understand your life and make sure you are on the right path to graduating.

Go home on weekends without having a canyon or Yallah

Believe it or not, you can come home after a night out without stopping for late night food. Whether your choice is Canyon, Yallah, the Halal Cart, or Sheetz… you don’t need to get it every weekend. Everything in moderation!

Stay in the student section until the end of the fourth term

No matter how cold you feel or how sober you got, hold on for the memories and for the Penn State football. Someday you’ll look back and regret that you didn’t stick all of the games with your friends. So, in this 2022 season, correct your bad habit.

Close your tab in the basement

In 2022, we are not exit the bar with open tabs.

Colleen is a biology student in York, Pennsylvania and is one of the associate editors of Onward State. She abuses the ~ tilde ~ and aspires to be none other than the great Guy Fieri. You can find Colleen filling her gas tank at Rutter’s, Pennsylvania’s ~ upper ~ gas station. Please direct your questions or concerns to [email protected]