Home Coffee shop Neighborhood-centric Peoples Town cafe and bar to open in Milton winter 2022

Neighborhood-centric Peoples Town cafe and bar to open in Milton winter 2022


Peoples Town Coffee Bar in November Where December 2022 will debut in The Miltona new affordable housing community along Atlanta’s BeltLine at 55 Milton Ave SE.

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Co-owner Andy Bibliowicz and its partners are committed to making the restaurant not just a convenience for the resident of The Milton, but for the neighborhood.

“We currently don’t have a space like Peoples Town Coffee Bar in the neighborhood,” Bibliowicz told What Now Atlanta in a phone interview. “The concept is shaped after a third-place mindset. This is where you spend time outside of your home and office, places one and two. Peoples Town Coffee Bar, is the third — a true community space.

Bibliowicz and the team at Peoples Town Coffee Bar try to create a mix between a coffee and pastry in the morning and a place to grab a glass of wine, a craft beer or a ready-to-drink cocktail in the evening. On the coffee side, Peoples will serve Methodical and Portrait. Pastries will be locally sourced, including Chef Nadia Deljou of Delle dining room. Evening bites will be French-inspired – think charcuterie, shared plates and French bread sandwiches.

“It’s a 0.3 mile walk to the store from my house and my partners live in Lakewood a mile up the road,” Bibliowicz said. “We are part of this community.

The space, currently under construction, is approximately 1,800 square feet with nearly 70 seats inside and a terrace that can comfortably accommodate 25. There is an additional room for six to eight people at the main bar inside. Bibliowicz said the space will feel “airy and clean but with a French twist.”

And while the coffee is in the company’s name, Peoples isn’t just for coffee lovers. “We are about high quality, affordable food, drink and community space. The immediate neighborhood is our priority, but we are happy to serve BeltLine users as well.