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How to make traditional hazelnut coffee at home


Hazelnut is probably one of your favorite coffee flavors if you like smooth, nutty drinks. Cafes and cafes all over the world are selling this much-loved flavor. You have a variety of ordering options, including hot coffee, iced coffee, cappuccino, and more. Hazelnut is a great choice for mixing with non-traditional ingredients like almond milk.


The majority of cafes offer hazelnut coffee “flavored” with hazelnuts. Although tasty, it can significantly increase the sugar, fat, and calories in your morning coffee. Moreover, it differs from the way a hazelnut infusion is usually prepared. It’s not hard to make coffee that really tastes like hazelnuts.


1. Coffee beans of your choice (a light roast is usually preferred)

2. Unsalted shelled hazelnuts

3. Milk of choice

4. Sweetener of Choice

5. Optional: hazelnut extract


1. Take your chosen whole bean coffee as the first step. A gentle roast is advised as it will enhance the flavor. Additionally, you will need unsalted hazelnuts, as salt can alter the taste of your coffee. Also, you want to make sure the nuts are whole because most of the flavor is in the shells. You won’t detect any skin in your drink, so don’t worry. Your beans and nuts need to be measured. We suggest using two parts beans and one part nuts. However, you may need to play around with the ratio until you get the flavor right for you.

2. To grind beans and hazelnuts together, add them both to your grinder. Remember that when you grind hazelnuts the oil will come out, so you might prefer to use a separate spice grinder or food processor instead of your coffee grinder. The end product should ideally be coarse to help bring out the nutty flavor in the beans. After using your grinder or processor, be sure to clean it thoroughly.

3. The last step is entirely optional. Hazelnut coffee is frequently consumed black, without any other addition. That being said, adding milk and sweetener can lighten it up. Add one or both to a cup and add coffee.