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Food shortages mean West Texas can’t get baby back


Every time we turn around we hear more stories of restaurants or stores running out of stock or total closings due to a lack of products or staff to prepare and serve the meals we love.

Just yesterday my wife called in a panic because she needed vegetables for dinner that she couldn’t find at a particular grocery store that still sold them. Fortunately, I found what she needed at a specialty health food store. But this is one example that supply lines are tight right now and affecting even the most unlikely places.

In a story from EverythingLubbock.com, Chili’s two restaurants in Abilene were closed to the public on Monday, August 23 due to what has been described as a “severe food shortage.” Yes, that can be a bit of a problem for a restaurant, to say the least. It doesn’t sound like a typical food shortage, like say… “Oh, we just ran out of broccoli. Can we replace the green beans?” No, it feels more like some kind of “Sorry … we drew straws and had to sacrifice our butler to turn him into soup”.


See? Even the guy who played Loki and dated Taylor Swift loves Chili’s! It’s SERIOUS, PEOPLE!

According to the story, a sign posted at Abilene Chili’s on State Highway 351 explained:

“Due to delivery delays and the shortage of key products, we will be closed for the rest of the day. “

“Key product”. This is the speech of companies for “We have NOTHING!” “

Coincidentally, one of Chili’s Lubbock locations was also shut down today, according to a KLBK Facebook post. However, after reading the comments section, it looks like this closure is the result of a deep clean or staff issues … take your pick.

Either way, I hope they’ll sling the baby back soon.

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