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Eco-conscious and price-conscious customers make sure to bring their own mugs


A customer grabs a Starbucks cup at a store in Seoul. [NEWS1]

More people are bringing their own cups to cafes as consumers become more aware of environmental issues and companies promote campaigns to use fewer single-use plastic cups.

The number of people bringing their own reusable cups increased by 20% from the start of the year to July 22 compared to the same period last year, according to Starbucks Korea.

The sharp increase is due to the company raising the discount for those who bring reusable cups from 300 won (24 cents) to 400 won in January, as well as growing customer interest in environmental issues.

Starbucks has been collecting personal cup usage data since 2007. Since then, the total number of orders with personal cups is 100 million.

A total of 13.8 million orders have been placed with reusable cups so far this year. That number topped 10 million in May, a month faster than in 2021.

The total number of single-use plastic cups used in cafes and restaurants averages 2.8 billion every year, according to the Ministry of the Environment.

The ministry said it will implement a disposable cup deposit system starting in December that will require some franchises to charge customers a 300 won deposit fee per single-use take-out cup.

However, the system has come under criticism from small traders and franchisees who say they will face more burdens, such as labor costs, if the system is implemented. work.

There have been calls for more campaigns to motivate customers to use personal cups in major franchises. Currently, major Korean cafes give discounts ranging from 100 to 500 won if customers bring their own cups. Paul Bassett gives a discount of 500 won, Angel-in-us 400 won and A Twosome Place and Pascucci 300 won.

On the 10th of every month since 2018, Starbucks Korea has held a single-use plastic free day, where customers who bring their own cups have a chance to win vouchers for free drinks. Some 1,400 participants out of 500,000 received vouchers in the first half of this year.

BY KIM KYUNG-HEE [[email protected]]