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Cozy Cafe Serving Amazing Cake In Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle – Elle May Rice


Meeting up with friends for coffee is always a highlight of the weekend, but I’ve become a bit of a creature of habit, sticking to places I know I like – and where I don’t go. spend centuries waiting for a table.

But last weekend we decided to try a place we hadn’t been to before and it certainly paid off.

I had wanted to visit Chapters of Us for a long time, having followed it on Instagram for a while now, but I just never found the time to make the short trip.

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We arrived at the intimate cafe around noon after some serious Christmas shopping, desperate to get out of the cold and have a hot drink to warm us up.

The setting is what first impressed me. The space is filled with beautiful natural wood, tons of greenery, and a warm atmosphere that instantly calms you down.

Service was quick and we ordered a chai latte and hot chocolate within minutes of being seated. We also couldn’t resist the call for sweet treats, choosing to order a cinnamon bun and a white chocolate and tahini blondie – which staff say often sells out quickly on weekends. end.

Chapters of Us Cinnamon Roll in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

The chai latte was the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and the hot chocolate was creamy, smooth and was a treat.

Deciding that neither of us could pick which cake we preferred to have, we separated the two – and there was clearly a favorite.

The cinnamon bun, which arrived with a dusting of icing sugar, was just what we needed on a cold December day.

Slightly crispy on the outside and sticky, mushy and filled with flavor on the inside, we couldn’t have asked for better.

The other treat we ordered was a recommended staff member, a white chocolate and tahini blondie. A staff member said the treat is generally quick to sell, with regulars often showing up early to get their hands on it.

The blondie was cooked to perfection, soft and chewy and packed with flavor. White chocolate is passed easily, its unique flavor almost surpasses the other ingredients.

However, while I couldn’t really taste the tahini, the other flavors left a weird aftertaste that I didn’t particularly like.

Throughout our time at Chapters of Us the staff frequently checked in to see if we needed anything, took away used dishes, and were kind and welcoming.

The little tucked away cafe is definitely worth a visit for its cozy atmosphere – although I would definitely recommend the food and drink as well.

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