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Cometeer’s Flash frozen coffee is the best thing in my freezer


Despite my few years of working as a barista in the past, I certainly don’t consider myself to be a coffee expert. In fact, I’m someone who loves the flavor of a generic-tasting black roast. What is important to me, however, is the quality of the coffee I drink. I’m willing to spend a few extra bucks on coffee from a local roaster, organic coffee beans, or just a cup of carefully brewed quality coffee.

So when I first heard of a company called Cometeer that not only works with some of the best roasters in the country, but also provides the final product brewed using frozen washers, I was more than a little intrigued. .

The company’s frozen coffee rings contain 26 grams of coffee and are brewed with Cometeer’s proprietary extraction process. To preserve the flavor and aroma, the coffee extract is frozen at a negative temperature of 321 degrees. The pucks, individually wrapped in aluminum capsules, can be stored in the freezer for up to 18 months.

Cometeer is strict with its verbiage when it comes to describing its product, and for good reason. His coffee rings are neither instant coffee nor coffee concentrate, but just frozen coffee extract. Instant coffees can have that old, even burnt flavor. Coffee concentrates, in my opinion, can be too acidic and make me nervous.

The company sent me five boxes, each box of 8 rings offering a different roast:

  • Bird Rock Roasters, Timor (decaffeinated)
  • Counter Culture Café, Indido (light)
  • Ecuador, Mocha Java (dark)
  • George Howell Café, Alchemy (dark)
  • GGET, Chelbesa (light)

In total, I received 40 coffee rings, which were kept frozen during the shipping process with dry ice. The instructions instructed me to run hot water over the capsules for 10 seconds, remove the lid, and place the frozen coffee slice in a glass mug. I then poured 8 ounces of boiling water over the washer and just like that I drank another hot cup of coffee.

As a black coffee lover, my favorite roasts were Mocha Java (dark roast) and Alchemy (medium roast). I loved the convenience and consistency of the coffee. I’ve never found the perfect ratio for making squeeze or pour coffee, and I appreciated not having to measure anything other than water when brewing Cometeer’s coffee.

I avoided using a Keurig due to its plastic pods, but liked the fact that Comeeter’s 100% aluminum pods are fully recyclable. Keurig pods must be separated for recycling, but aluminum pods do not have plastic and can simply be thrown in the recycling bin.

Price wise, each puck costs $ 2, which ends up being cheaper than a coffee from a coffeeshop. However, using washers ends up being more expensive than brewing coffee from grounds. In my opinion, the taste and convenience are worth the price and consider this product to be something convenient to keep in the freezer.

While we’ve officially entered hot coffee season, rings would also be a great way to make a quick iced coffee or iced latte. Once the washers are melted, they can simply be poured over ice and water, or ice and milk.

My boyfriend, the coffee snob between us, really enjoyed the light roasts and was soon brewing two cups of Cometeer a day. A friend I gifted the Alchemy Dark Roast to thought the frozen coffee was freshly brewed in my kitchen.

This week, Cometeer raised $ 35 million in a Series B funding round, and plans to use the new capital will be used to increase manufacturing capabilities and expand its relationships with roasters. They’ve also removed the waitlist from their website so anyone can now order a box of coffee pucks, so if you want to try Cometeer, the first box purchased costs $ 48 ($ 64 after your first order). for four boxes containing eight capsules and free shipping.

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