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Café with a quirky interior launched in the village of Leicestershire by a retired policeman


The craving for a cup of freshly brewed coffee, combined with a passion for baking, has led a local couple to start their own cafe in a village in Leicestershire.

Malt Mill Coffee and Bakery will open next month in Barwell, near Hinckley.

It is started by retired cop Paul Baggott and his fiancee Donna Harrison, who run Star Anise Beauty Therapy from the premises of the Malt Mill Bank where the cafe will open.

Star Anise originally occupied both floors, but has now moved upstairs, so the cafe can open on the ground floor.

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Paul said that due to the lack of local cafes serving good quality coffee, he and Donna often travel to Leicester for a cup.

Then, over a coffee, one day, the couple had the idea of ​​grouping two businesses in the same room and launching their own café.

Having retired from the Leicestershire Police in June of this year, after 25 years, Paul was able to put the plan into action.

Malt Mill will serve coffee made from St Martin’s Friday Street coffee beans, freshly ground to order. In addition to providing the ethically sourced beans, Great Glen-based St Martin’s Coffee Roasters provided equipment and training for the baristas.

Other drinks will include a variety of loose tea, served in porcelain tea cups.

The Hash will be one of the items you can taste at the Malt Mill

Paul, who has been catering for a friend’s vintage fairs for several years, will use his baking skills and produce a range of cakes for Malt Mill – hence the “bakery” part of the name. ‘company.

There will be favorites like the Victoria Sponge, Coffee Nut Cake and Chocolate Brownies, plus items Paul has been making for years including Lemon Polenta Cake and Butter Flapjacks. peanut.

It will also produce some of its own artisan breads and use a local bread supplier.

In addition to baked goods, diners can choose from a “small but well thought out” menu that includes breakfast / brunch and lunch options.

Options include The Piglet, which is a rustic, artisanal baguette filled with dry-cured bacon or pork sausage from Woodhouse Farm in nearby Elmesthorpe, and the Mumbai Breakfast, which consists of chili cheese on toasted sourdough, topped with two eggs. farmers, homemade arugula and tomato sauce.

The Hash includes Maris Piper Herb Potatoes sautéed with Woodhouse Sausage, sourdough croutons, mushrooms, free-range egg, crispy kale and smoked beans. A vegetarian version is available, with vegetarian sausages.

The lunchtime offering will focus on baguettes, with variations such as The Allotment, with roasted seasonal vegetables, arugula, goat cheese and pea mint pesto, Squeeky Cheese, with grilled halloumi, avocado, arugula and pesto of sundried tomatoes, The Jam, with sliced ​​Woodhouse ham, chili jam, watercress and fig balsamic, and Le Pollo, with roasted lime chicken, house guacamole and house spicy salsa.

There will also be seasonal specials available.

“We aim to provide customers with personalized service in a relaxing environment, with lots of interesting things to watch, including the food,” said Paul.

In terms of decoration, it is out of the ordinary.

Paul has used the eclectic mix of items he has collected over the years – from signs to furniture, with a combination of Victorian, Edwardian and industrial styles.

Inside the malt mill cafe and bakery
Inside the malt mill cafe and bakery

“The cakes, for example, will be on display in a Victorian display cabinet that had been in the same haberdashery for 120 years. The seats are mostly from chapels and churches,” said Paul.

“It’s like Salvage Hunters meet Gordon, Gino and Fred!”

In addition to offering a catering service, take-out will be available – with items served in recyclable or compostable packaging.

Malt Mill Coffee and Bakery will open on Tuesday August 17th.

The opening hours will be Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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