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Cafe boss marks customer with ‘wet wipe’ amid Tripadvisor row over cup of tea price


A cafe patron has hit back at a customer he called a ‘wet wipe’ who complained on Tripadvisor about the price of a cup of tea.

A customer left a scathing two out of five review of his visit to the Coast Cafe & Gift Shop in Rhos on Sea, Wales, but the owner had none of it.

According to the post, only a fool would pay £3.40 for two cups of tea because the price is a ‘scam’ for just ‘hot water and milk’, North Wales Live reports.

Tripadvisor user ‘lenlenlena’ is no stranger to blasting businesses on the site and titled his latest review: ‘Don’t go, it’s appalling’.

The critic who complained about the price of a drink

Rating the coffee two out of five, the reviewer wrote, “I called today to get two teas to go (sic)….what an experience, not in a good way.

“Tea was fine hot water and milk little sign a tea bag had been in all for £3.40 for 2 teas (sic).

“Push (sic) a terrible tea of ​​laughter is better to go 100 meters to forty or the tea room on the front in Rhos opposite this so called cafe.

“First and last time in this cafe.

“Try scam alternatives or what and what was supposed to be tea was literally hot water and milk.

Cafe owner Darren Randle admitted he couldn’t please a ‘wet wipe’

“Price – trick me into paying it but never again”

The cafe and gift shop earns an overall rating of four and a half out of five on Tripadvisor and is ranked number one out of a total of 24 restaurants and cafes in the area.

Owner Darren Randle was quick to defend his good name.

He replied, “Jesus, I’ve never heard such pot shit.

“First of all it’s £3.60 and we hardly get any bad reviews unlike all your reviews you left at other premises giving them bad reviews.

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“People like me and my staff work really hard but obviously can’t please a wet wipe like you.

“I hope you find what you seek in your life and stop dealing with hard working companies!!

“Much love x.”

The Coast Cafe has been contacted for comment.