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Amsterdam’s premier café, The Bulldog, is a force to be reckoned with


At Herb’s, we had the opportunity to visit the legendary Bulldog Cafe and speak with Jim Zielinsky, the General Manager of The Bulldog and local legend.

Jim shared his 25+ year experience at the Bulldog, as well as his thoughts on what to expect, while telling crazy stories including Buddhist death ceremonies, frozen dogs and more than just overworked tourists, and all kinds of strange situations. , which cannot be added to this article. You will have to hear the legend in person when you visit The Bulldog.

Did The Bulldog expect to have such an impact on Amsterdam and cannabis culture?

At first we didn’t know what to expect, but community integration and professionalism paved the way. We’re very happy with where we are and how we’ve helped the industry and its people grow.

Why use the old sex shop to launch The Bulldog?

It was a family business owned by Henk’s father. He used to hate people who came to ask really awful stuff, for which, as soon as he got it, he threw everything out of the window into the canal and focused on friendlier things. Henk knew it was time for cannabis.

Why did you expand into the hospitality industry? What can guests expect when staying here?

Travelers always need an open-minded, clean and safe place to sleep. For this reason, we have tried to give them the best experience, where they can find everything they need. Hotels are cannabis smoke friendly (no tobacco), food is a stone’s throw away, and everything is comfortable.

Why do you think travelers and locals prefer the Bulldog to other establishments?

First of all, our track record and reputation support us, and our quality and service are very professional. Second, there is history at each of our sites, each with a different atmosphere, so visitors can choose what they like best.

What’s next for The Bulldog?

Even though over the last few years the world has slowed down a lot, we are more stable than ever, so expect to see us for a bit longer still, expanding around the world as cannabis legalization is an ongoing phenomenon that we aim to foster.

For more information about The Bulldog, visit: www.bulldoghotel.com