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A vehicle breaks down in Enid Business on its last day of operation


The last day of an Enid cafe brought more cleaning than expected.

The owners of Da Vinci’s Coffeehouse and Gelateria said they didn’t expect their Willow Road location to come out with such a bang on Wednesday.

Closing day is never easy, but co-owner Corey Keller stays positive as he packs up leftover supplies and furniture.

“People told us stories about being engaged here, finding their first love here,” Keller said. “Just all these amazing stories.”

This place was the original Da Vinci cafe. It was approaching 20 years of operation.

On the back wall, customers wrote little notes of gratitude, sharing 20 years of memories.

What happened on the last day is one that few customers will remember.

“It was a crazy experience,” Keller said.

It became a closing with an unexpected opening.

“They heard a loud bang and the car came,” Keller said.

Most of the customers were near the back when a blue Tesla Model Y passed by the front.

According to the incident report, the driver told police he was parked out front. He claimed to have put the car in reverse, but it did not reverse.

Instead, the car jumped the curb, hit a column and crashed through the glass store window and narrowly missed a customer.

Miraculously, Keller said no one was hurt, including the driver.

“He was just visibly shaken too,” Keller said. “I think he was more embarrassed than anything.”

Less than 24 hours after the accident, the store is empty, but the hearts of the owners are full.

“We’re just going to use the rest of the day to pack up the souvenirs here in the store and move to a new location,” Keller said.

It will be a place that he thinks will better fit the current coffee shop model.

“The demand for coffee driving is much greater,” Keller said. “With this place not having a drive-thru, well yesterday we had a drive-thru done.”

Now they bring one more memory.

The owners said this new location would be the third in Enid. They also said they plan to open three more and a restaurant on the horizon.