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A 16 year old girl raped by a colleague in a cafe | Surah News

Surat: A 16-year-old girl, who works in a plastic bag factory in Salabatpura with her mother, was allegedly raped by a colleague who lured her to a cafe. This incident follows another rape of a 15-year-old girl who was also allegedly raped in a cafe in Sarthana a few days ago.
Police say the minor lives with her mother in the Limbayat neighborhood. About twenty days ago, she joined the plastic bag factory in Salabatpura where her mother was already working. On the very first day, the accused Nikhil began to make advances to her, but after receiving strict instructions from her mother not to talk to anyone out of work, she stopped talking to him. However, cops said Nikhil was persistent and on January 3 he offered to take him to a cafe during lunch break around 2 p.m.
Along with two other co-workers, Anil and Sonal, they all went to the Valentine cafe in Mithi Khadi’s neighborhood where he allegedly took her to a closed booth in the store and forced her to eat. After that, she passed out and Nikhil raped her in the cabin. After the incident, she returned to the factory with Sonal, while Nikhil and Anil went elsewhere.
Her mother noticed blood stains on her dress and questioned her daughter at work, but she lied. The next day, she asked her daughter to tell the truth when the girl recounted the incident. The woman took her daughter to the Salabatpura police station where a rape complaint was filed against Nikhil. According to the complaint, the accused took advantage of her unconsciousness and raped her twice. Police had recorded an offense are investigating.

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