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3 to-do apps you can integrate with Amazon Alexa


From to-do lists to shopping lists, lists help us keep track of everything we would otherwise forget. How many times have you made a trip to the store without a list, only to come home and remember that essential item you forgot to buy?

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue. Task management and shopping list apps make organizing your life a dream instead of a chore.


These apps can even integrate with your favorite voice assistant these days. In this article, we’ll cover a number of apps you can pair with your Amazon Alexa-enabled device for even more productivity.

1. Todoist

As one of the most popular to-do and to-do list management apps on the market today, Todoist is used by millions of productivity hackers around the world. It offers an intuitive, feature-rich layout ready to use to stay on top of a busy schedule.

Todoist lets you create separate lists, called projects. These projects can then be broken down to create sublists, with the ability to prioritize and label tasks for easy organization. Other features, like filters for specific task types and Kanban boards for agile project management, make Todoist a powerful tool for getting the most out of every day.

By integrating Todoist with Amazon Alexa, you can become even more productive. You can skip opening your phone or computer by asking Alexa what’s next on your list or to have her add and schedule a task for you later. If you want to cross something off your list, like buying coffee, you can just say, “Alexa, finish buying coffee.”

Todoist can even sync the tasks you add to your Alexa shopping and to-do lists so everything stays up to date and easily accessible. If you want to add something to an Alexa list, just add the @Alexa tag to a task to instantly sync it.

To download: Todoist for iOS | Android | Alexa Skill (Free, subscription available)


Unlike Todoist, AnyList is specifically for shopping, cooking, and meal planning. While it can be used as a task manager, features like a recipe logger and a built-in calendar for meal planning make a shopping list like you’ve never seen before.

The list feature suggests products as you type and automatically groups products into categories, like dairy or fresh produce, to make a trip to the store as easy as possible. You can then rearrange the categories according to your local store layout.

If there are items you buy regularly, you can create a favorites list, allowing you to quickly add those items to your shopping list with just one click.

If you have a recipe that you want to save, AnyList has a recipe manager that allows you to note the recipe, its ingredients and its quantities. Ingredients can then be added to your shopping list with just one click. If you want to learn more about recipe manager apps, check out our article on the best recipe managers for Android.

Although the meal planning calendar is a paid feature, it’s a great way to stay on top of your dinner plans. You can add your saved recipes to the slots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if your plans change, you can drag and drop the recipe to another day.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of the meal planning calendar is the ability to select a date range and have AnyList display all the ingredients required for meals during that time, which you can tap as needed to add to your shopping list.

AnyList also offers the ability to sync lists with Alexa. By default, your Alexa Shopping and To-Do lists will be added to AnyList upon initial integration. But, you can also sync any lists you have in AnyList for easy access with Alexa. For example, if you have a packing list for a vacation, it can be synced with Alexa’s custom lists. You can then say “Alexa, add jeans to my packing list”.

To download: AnyList for iOS | Android | Alexa Skill (Free, subscription available)

To bring! is designed exclusively for shopping, with an emphasis on making the shopping experience as easy as possible. It uses an icon-based user interface to make adding items to your grocery lists intuitive and quick. Lists can be shared with other Bring! app, so syncing a shared apartment or office purchases becomes much easier.

The shopping list feature is what makes Bring! shine. Separate listings can be created for different stores or events. To bring! categorizes items in two ways; across broad categories, like produce or meat, and by product, like apples or steak. Products can be specified by quantity and variety, such as Royal Gala or Sirloin.

Like Anylist, these large categories can be moved to suit your favorite store layout. Photos can also be added to make the buying process easier for everyone.

Also, Bring! has a recipe feed, where new recipes found on the most popular recipe platforms are suggested. Recipe ingredients are immediately available to add to your shopping list. Alternatively, you can import your own recipes found online into a recipe collection.

To bring! can integrate with Alexa, so you can easily set up and listen to your shopping lists without opening the app on your phone. Although its functionality is relatively limited, the Alexa capabilities of Bring! should suffice for most tasks.

With Alexa, you can add or remove items from your shopping lists and have the list read back to you, switching between lists as needed. Conveniently, you can also be specific with the things you want to add, like saying, “Alexa, open Bring!” and add two gallons of milk to my list”.

To download: To bring! Shopping List for iOS | Android | Alexa Skill (Free, subscription available)

Take your productivity to the next level with Alexa

By taking these productivity apps and syncing them with Alexa, you can combine the efficiency offered by both to create a powerful and synergistic productivity system.

Whether it’s quickly adding an item to your shopping list on the way out or happily crossing an item off your to-do list using your voice, Alexa could be the key you need to become a master of productivity.