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26 products that will inspire your new weekend hobby


These bad boys come with 8mm drivers that deliver ridiculously impressive bass (the lowest is 16Hz!), Mellow mids, and crisp highs up to 20kHz. They’re waterproof too, so run in the rain my friend. I promise it’s so much fun.

Promising results: “I’m one of the very, very few people who can’t use Apple AirPods. No matter how hard I try, they fall out of my ear in less than a minute. I thought I would try one. different brand, and when I put them in my ear they fell out within seconds. I was about to give up, pack the box and send it back, but decided to check out the manual for ‘instructions in case I do something wrong. I’m so glad I did. It turned out that there were four sizes of plastic tips included with the earbuds. On my third try, the second smaller one, I felt what I imagine Cinderella felt when she tried on the glass slipper. They were perfect and no matter how much I was jumping up and down or shaking my head, they stayed put! The sound quality is impeccable, the ups and downs pleasant, with a good amount of bass. Once I found the right match, the fit was extremely comfortable. I love these headphones, they’ve already changed my life for the better! ”—Vivek D.

Get it on Amazon for $ 29.99 + (available in five colors).


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