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Best Nintendo games console ( admin posted on December 1st, 2014 )

Nintendo has been one of the most popular brands among all gaming consoles for several years now. For many years since its inception, Nintendo games consoles have been the highest selling products in their category. From small gaming gadgets to making virtual gaming larger than life, Nintendo has attempted many challenging initiatives and have succeeded more often than frequently.

Here are the best Nintendo games consoles over the years, the products that made the company a brand, loved by millions around the world.

  • Not many may now relate to the Nintendo 64 but it was the thing to possess when it was launched. The classic Super Mario 64, the Star Fox 64, Donkey Kong 64 and Ocarina of Time among many other games are still a favorite for many gamers. The graphics and the controls were both amazing in the Nintendo 64. The significance of Nintendo 64 was not confined to Nintendo games consoles and how the company‚Äôs fortunes soared but the impact the device and its games had on the gaming world. It was an evolution of sorts that changed the entire concept of virtual and portable gaming, for the better.
  • Nintendo Gamecube is often rated as the absolute finest among all Nintendo games consoles. This gadget did not sell as well as the Nintendo 64 or some of its subsequent models but those who owned and still own a Gamecube swear their allegiance to none other.
  • Nintendo Wii was a game changer in more ways than one. Not much needs to be said about the Nintendo Wii. The popularity of Super Smash Bros and the sales numbers of the device speaks for itself. While Nintendo Wii may not remain the best forever but it still remains to be one of the most popular Nintendo games consoles ever. It is also considered by many to be the best among all its contemporaries.
  • Super Nintendo NES System stood its ground with many upgrades and the key takeaway was its controls which were even better than the Nintendo 64.
  • Wii U, one of the more recent Nintendo games consoles, is also a fascinating device. With its third party games, something that was not always a pro of Nintendo games consoles, and some really amazing HD versions of old games, the Wii U is certainly a class apart from the erstwhile models; not to forget the wonderful gamepad that comes along with the device.

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