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Nintendo is a gaming company that has a plethora of great platform games. Today, we are going to talk about a particular platformer that has garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim.

The Rayman Legends Game for the Nintendo Wii U is the direct sequel to the Rayman Origins. Rayman series are touted to be great because of its fun gameplay, superb soundtrack, and fantastic visuals.

This game has been released in numerous platforms but it was used to be a Nintendo Wii U exclusive.

The story is about Rayman and his friends, Globox, and the Teensies. All of them were sleeping for 100 years because they’ve defeated “The Magician”, or so they thought… During their slumber, the Bubble Dreamer’s Nightmares grew in strength and numbers and they would later be controlled by the Magician to wreak havoc upon the land.

Seeing that this is going to be a huge threat, Murfy, Rayman’s friend and flying encyclopedia, wake Rayman and his friends up and warned them of the impending doom.

The only way to stop the Magician and the “dark teensies” is to rescue the 10 princesses of the land. One of the princesses, Barbara, will be available as a playable character once you rescue her.

There are 5 dark teensies in the game. Once you’ve defeated the first four, the last dark teensie will have immeasurable power and is now called the “Pure Nightmare”. Once defeated, the game has now ended. If you’ve rescued 400 teensies before beating the Pure Nightmare, you will be awarded with a new stage called the “Living Dead Party”, complete with 10,000 lums and 6 invasion paintings.

The Rayman Legends Game for the Nintendo Wii U takes advantage of the Wii U’s gamepad. During the course of the game, there will be numerous instances where your friend, Murfy, would be of great use.

Murfy can do a variety of things such as create pavements for you to walk on, unlock hidden pathways, and so much more! In single player mode, Murfy can be controlled with the Nintendo Wii U’s gamepad. Should you control Murfy, Rayman will be controlled by an AI.

Rayman is not only a single player game but you can also enjoy this game with your friends! Up to 4 players can play simultaneously which makes this platform game a sure hit for the masses.

You can originally control Rayman, Globox, and the teensies at first. But, once you’ve unlocked Barbara, you can use her as well as her other teensies as well.

As previously mentioned, Rayman Legends Game for the Nintendo Wii U has been highly praised. The game has just fantastic and vibrant visuals and the graphics are just awesome. It really utilizes the Wii U’s hardware prowess.

Not only that but the intuitive controls and the actual gameplay is something to be happy about. It’s fun and the game is never boring. Some levels also provide great challenges, so you are assured that you’re not going to breeze through all of the levels.

With 120 levels and 40 remastered ones, there is plenty of action for everybody! Four players can play at a time, and although it can present with some screen real estate problems, expect you and your buddies to have so much fun playing the game!

Rayman Legends Game for the Nintendo Wii U is one of the best games for the platform and one that you should try out!

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